11 March 2024

Every year, all European Partners of the Paneco European Distribution Network meet in the country of one of the Partners.

In 2021, Paneco had the pleasure of hosting by German Partner ELVIS AG.

A year later, we visited one of the founders of the Paneco network – Italian Partner – ABC Business Network in Verona.

In 2023, Paneco was invited to Spain, to Partner Transaher.

Each of these meetings is an opportunity to exchange comments, experiences and ideas about cooperation, networks, the logistics market and international trends.

It is also invaluable to establish and nurture contacts and relationships between partner companies from all European countries.

This year, Paneco partners are going to the annual NETCON meeting in Ireland, at Irish partner Allmed Road-Sea-Logistics.

Optimization of the network and services is a priority in all discussions and planning of further PANECO network activities. Preparations for the meeting are underway. See you there.