IT is a priority for Paneco

13 December 2022

Paneco’s partners use an IT system on a daily basis, which allows them to set up and accept orders, track shipments, fully handle international shipments, settle the entire route of the shipment including additional services, and constantly communicate with the partner on the other side of the order.

The system is very intuitive for the user, although the content is incredibly complex. Paneco’s IT system has to integrate all European tariffs, services, and differences in one place and calculate the values in such a way that they are transparent and fair for all countries.

It was not easy, but it is also still not easy to make the system work flawlessly. Shortcomings are constantly appearing, and the Partners who use it on a daily basis also make their comments, suggestions, observations, and questions known on an ongoing basis.

Thanks to constant communication, Paneco managers – From left in photo: Darek Wakula – Kommodus/ Poland, Andreas Witzigmann – Paneco und Christian Meyer from abacab (IT Consulting) – draw information on the pros and cons of the IT system.

All Paneco partners remember how they looked forward to integrating into the Paneco network and the possibility of using the Paneco system online with great interest. Everyone had high hopes for the development of this system and Paneco hopes that no one is disappointed. The work could have gone a little faster, but Paneco and everyone working on optimizing the system prefers to work qualitatively, which takes a little longer than initially expected.

Paneco is constantly working on processes and optimizing IT solutions for its partners. Who use the Paneco panel on a daily basis. Even if the partners think that nothing more can be done, the specialists at abacab constantly have new ideas for optimization and modification of functions that, it turns out, can exist and can do more.

We wish such a positive approach to tasks for all of us 🙂