Why is it worth it?

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Europe-wide advantages

Business is best when you work on a “win-win” basis. This principle underlies the Pan-European Transport Network that we have set up to make it easier for smaller, locally operating transport companies to work with companies in other countries, and thus to give their customers the opportunity to use a Europe-wide transport service.
We work across borders, remove differences and barriers and ensure that high professional standards are maintained.
Paneuropejskie korzyści

If you are looking for a service provider

Finding the optimal logistics service provider can be difficult and costly. That is why we offer you a partnership with Paneco. Our partners are the leading companies in Europe. When you work with a Paneco member company, you can be sure that you will get an optimal solution.
our strengths
  • Europe-wide freight forwarding within the framework of a uniform system and uniform standards
  • Attractive prices
  • Smooth operation thanks to uniform rules
  • Our partner is always close to his customers
Contact us if you are looking for a partner from us!

If you run a freight forwarding company

Paneco is the solution for strong local companies. Thanks to our concept, the partner companies can develop safely and serve their customers comprehensively.
We guarantee a common operating platform and a coherent system that ensures that professional standards, pricing conditions and operational solutions are adhered to. We are your partner.
What does your company get out of it?
  • Expand the geographic reach of your services
  • Expansion of the service portfolio thanks to access to a wide range of services from other partners.
Contact us for more details on membership in our network!
Your European forwarding company in good hands
Paneco – Reliability and Security

It is worth working with us and our partners

Paneco offers its partners and their customers a number of advantages
Cała Europa
All of Europe
Not just EU countries.
TSL (transport, forwarding, logistics) across borders.
Atrakcyjne ceny
Attractive prices
Competitive offer compared to global transport companies.
Szybki transport
Shipping faster
Transports from and to every corner of our continent.
Spójny system
Uniform system
Uniform rules and price lists for mutual billing between partners
Przyjazna platforma
User-friendly platform
Technology for safe transport across borders.
Wysokie standardy
High standards
Our members undertake to adhere to them.
Dowolne przesyłki
Every shipment
Groupage, part loads and full loads.