Updated figures for the logistics market in Europe

5 December 2021

Paneco - news

Report from January 2021 (ACEA Vehicles in use in Europe, January 2021)

1. There are approximately 1.2 million trucks on EU roads

2. The largest fleet belongs to Poland (1,150,493)

3. Second place belongs to Germany (1,010,742)

4. Third place belongs to Italy (946,393)

5. The average age of trucks in the EU is 13 years

6. The oldest trucks, over 21 years, are in Greece

7. The newest trucks are used in Austria with an average life of 6,4 years

8. 97,8% of all trucks run on diesel

9. 1,3% of vehicles run on petrol

10. Only 0,04% of trucks are zero-emission

11. 300.000 professional drivers are currently registered in Pl

12. Women represent only 2% of professional drivers in Poland (the least in Europe)

14. The biggest shortage of drivers is in Poland and Romania

15. There is a shortage of about 400.000 professional drivers in the EU

16. The International Road Transport Union (IRU) predicts that by 2027 there will be a shortage of 185.000 drivers in Germany

17. According to the IRU, the 11% of drivers in Poland are under the age of 25, compared to the European average of 7%.