Paneco’s French Partner – Dimotrans

2 February 2024

Paneco’s French Partner – Dimotrans – which has been a very active partner since its beginning in the Paneco network – is aiming to strengthen its regular international lines and serve as many customers as possible with the best quality.

Dimotrans Group among others a regular line between France and Germany. French partner Dimotrans is also responsible for collections and deliveries in France.
A company with such a long history, experience, and a large background in other logistics services as well, it has been working within the Paneco European Network since November 2023.

This week, from 30.02. to the 01.02.2024, representatives of Dimotrans (from left: Andreas Witzigmann (President of Paneco), Slobodanka Sulic (Network Manager), Dana Welsch (International Development Team Leader), Alain Belas (Branch Manager at Dimotrns), und Alexandre Lemeunier (Freight Manager) von Dimotrans were present as exclusive guests at the German Paneco Partner – ELVIS. It is also the location of Paneco’s main international hub. All European partners from all over Europe come here with their pallets from their own country to other European destinations.

The traffic is stable in all directions at the moment, although some social complications occur from time to time, such as strikes by farmers, strikes by the railway companies in Germany, Belgium, and France and sometimes also strikes in the Scandinavian countries.

The meeting between Dimotrans – Paneco – and Elvis is one of the operational meetings between the partners of Paneco the Pneco Management, during which the best solutions are worked out for the customers as well as for the partners and thus for the whole network.

Paneco thanks Dimotrans for the meeting and hopes for positive results.