Paneco visits Ireland

22 March 2024

The Paneco network, in the person of CEO Andreas Witzigmann, frequently visits and meets with network partners in all European countries.

The Panexco CEO is therefore constantly on the road. Often by plane, and sometimes by car and train. Despite the many opportunities for online meetings, Paneco representatives prefer to meet in person, where they can shake hands and go out to eat together. And we know very well that such personal contacts make everyday work more pleasant and easier.

This time the meeting took place in Stoke on Trent, at the home of Paneco’s UK partner SIMARCO, which is making a huge and active contribution to the development of the entire European network, something that Paneco is very pleased and proud of. We will not write here what ideas were discussed at the meetings, but the gentlemen from Simarco and the Paneco CEO have a whole bunch of them. Let’s wait and surely at least one of the ideas discussed here will soon be implemented.

Paneco thanks again for the hospitality and the fruitful discussions and looks forward to continuing the great cooperation in a still so friendly relationship.