Paneco Professionals: Annachiara Castagnini

13 August 2023

This Paneco lovely person knows everyone in Paneco for sure 🙂

Her professionalism and total commitment can be seen at a glance. Working with her is pleasant and full of trust and respect. She is young, just starting out in her professional life, but many of us older ones can learn a lot from her. You can always rely on her and rest assured that she will provide us with answers, support, and assistance and will handle any matter for us.
Who is it about? Can you guess? 🙂
It’s Annachiara Castagnini from Verona, Italy – Management Assistant and Coordination.
She was studying Business Administration and then Master’s in International Economics and Business Management – both at the University of Verona.
During her Bachelor, she did the Erasmus in Munich and during her Master’s degree, she spent 1 year studying in Nuremberg in Germany. Both have been amazing experiences for Annachiara where she had the opportunity to meet people coming from all over the world and learn more about different cultures.
Annachiara is experiencing the same situation at work in the Paneco network. She works in an international team and has the possibility of interacting daily with people from all over Europe
Her wish would be to live close to the sea, probably in Portugal.
Annachiara likes to be physically active and keeps attending a German course, hoping to be able to learn it one day 🙂 But she communicates well in German – she is very ambitious.
Annachiara’s biggest hobby is traveling. Every time she has the chance, she likes to see new cities and discover new places, cultures, and food.
Her next planned travel is India, but Annachiara dreams of visiting Machu Picchu in Peru.
She also likes hiking in the mountains close to her house.
If she didn’t have to do something she wouldn’t go to the dentist or to any other doctor.
You can’t tell from her slim figure, but Annachiara likes to eat 🙂
She has many favorite foods and she cannot choose just one. But pizza and tiramisu are for sure some of her favorites in Italy, where she lives but she also likes a lot Indian and Mexican food, when not too spicy.
Annachiara can cook but not sophisticated dishes but she really enjoys baking cakes.
She speaks Italian and English, and she tries to speak German and has basic knowledge of Spanish. This is very good for the Paneco network contacts.
Paneco Partners can ask Annachiara a question at any time, ask for support and always get it. Call the Paneco office. Annachiara is there for you 🙂