Paneco likes to share information about its European Partners

12 April 2024

This time, Partner representing the Baltics – Delamode Baltics – is expanding its fleet of electric vehicles.

Paneco and Dalamode Baltics are excited to announce the addition of 3 brand new electric⚡Renault Trucks Lietuva E-Tech trucks to the fleet of Delamode Baltics, enhancing the local distribution capabilities in Lithuania while reducing the environmental footprint. 🍃

“The desire to be a more sustainable business is also encouraged by our customers, who care that their products are delivered in an environmentally friendly way, with as little CO2 emissions as possible,” says Justas Versnickas Managing Director of Delamode Baltics and CEO of The Delamode Group.

These eco-friendly vehicles are a testament to Delamode Baltics commitment to sustainable logistics. 🔋🚚

Paneco is proud to have such environmentally friendly companies among its partners. Let us continue to do so for the benefit of the whole of Europe.