Paneco Ladies

18 March 2024

Paneco is a European Pallet Distribution Network. That means that Paneco is active in the logistics industry, which is in truth dominated by men.

However, in the Paneco network, there are active ladies among its partner companies, who are very active in developing the companies they work for, as well as the Paneco network as a whole.
In the photos you can see some ladies from many European countries. From Portugal, Spain, Italy, Lithuania, Poland, Germany, Denmark, Serbia, Greece, Czech Republic, Switzerland. As you can see, the ladies represent many European countries with dignity and make a great contribution to the work and development of the Paneco network. They are very forward thinking, business-minded, proactive and energetic women. Paneco thanks them very much for this and wants to emphasize that it is very proud of the female contribution to the European development of logistics.

Our Paneco-Women are strong!