Paneco in Greece with ILT Logistics

14 December 2022

Paneco – European Distribution Network has recently welcomed, on 1th of October 2022, a new Partner, this time from Greece.

ILT Logistics – is a dynamic Greek family-owned transport company created by Mrs Maria Bozoglou and managed by Grigoris Grigoriadis. The company has its own vehicles and its own warehouses. The staff, who are constantly attentive to customer satisfaction, keep the status of shipments up to date and take care of every detail at an express pace.

Paneco Partner from Greece – ILT Logistics is very active with his European transport lines. Greece is permanently connected with Italy. ITL Logistics load daily to and from Italy. ILT Logistics is also loading weekly from Germany, Spain, Portugal, the UK, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Poland, and Austria.

In Greece, there are two hubs Thessaloniki and Athens and from these hubs, ILT Logistics does all distribution with its own vehicles. The smile accompanying the Greeks in every situation gives pleasure to everyone working with ILT Logistics. It is the best option to convince yourself. ITL Logistics and Paneco invite you to work together, order a shipment and see for yourself!