Paneco Fathers of Innovation

15 December 2022

Paneco – the European distribution network – would like to introduce its Founding Fathers. As you will see in the minute, Paneco has some exceptional Fathers who are not ordinary managers. They are unconventional and incredibly open-minded individuals, that follow their intuition and passion.

We will start with Jochen Eschborn from Germany.

Jochen Eschborn is the founder of the ELVIS network, one of the largest and most successful logistics networks in Germany. With his excellent managing skills, great organizational sense, and ability to create reality from visions and plans, he became a co-founder of the Paneco distribution network. He also manifests his love of logistics and transport on a daily basis, boasting of long-distance travels around the world on his favorite motorbike. He is a great visionary and a passionate creator. Jochen Eschborn is a very demanding person, but also very open to the world and people. He is a great boss and a kind and good person.

The other Founder of Paneco is Darek Wakula from Poland.

It was his big dream to build logistic network sins ever. A big part of his life is the transport industry. He is involved in that business from his early days, as his Father was also a forwarder. He is the Managing Director of a polish company – Kommodus SA. Darek is one of the most creative persons and his ideas have mostly the best chance to be realized. He is a „live calculator” and can count everything faster than others who don’t even manage to take a calculator out of their briefcase. He can develop brilliant ideas and solutions for any project. He can also create visions and follow them. Darek is a very cheerful person and knows how to enjoy life. He shares his love of sport and his pets with his family and with them he spends his free time, indulging his passion for wine tasting, traveling, and sporting activities. He is recently enjoying golf.

Matteo Ravazzin is the next Founder and Managing Director of Paneco AG but also the Managing Director of ABC Business Network – a known company in Italy.

He works in the transport industry since 1986 and feels in the transport world like a fish in the water. Matteo is a very positive, open, and enthusiastic person in his private life and is the best boss for his employees. He sprinkles new ideas permanently, constantly, at all times. He is an incredibly innovative and creative person. This is a worldwide person – who speaks fluent five languages: Italian, English, German, French, and Spanish. It is impossible not to like Matteo.

We have the pleasure to introduce the last Father of Paneco from Switzerland – Robert Einstein – Cargo 24.

Paneco partners from all over Europe know Robert and appreciate his concreteness, commitment, and passion for detail. Robert is a nature lover and, living in the beautiful Alps, no one is surprised by his love of the mountains, where he loves to spend his free time, hiking and climbing in the mountains and going on amazing cycling escapades. Robert Einstein loves art and loves new technologies. His work is his passion and love, as all who work with him can see on a daily basis. Robert Einstein is convinced that owner-operated mid-size companies are one of the most efficient forms of operation. His motto is “keep it simple”.

Thanks to these four people the transport European market will keep changing. It will go in a new direction. And will show the customer that the world is really small and every market and every country depends on each other.