Electric truck – the next step to green transport

13 October 2023

Electric cars are so popular that more and more brands want to have them in their range. The huge popularity of this type of green and environmentally friendly solution means that more and more of the public is paying attention to what type of transport they choose. And as it turns out, electric passenger cars will soon have competition, as an electric truck has appeared on the market. This kind of truck could be used for parcel transport, for example. What would you say to a more eco-friendly delivery of your parcels? Monaby when ordering a courier, choose the type of transport, i.e. a classic version or just an electric truck.

Some time ago, in 2017 to be precise, there was a buzz about the electric truck that Tesla was introducing. At the time, it was also reported that this type of solution on a larger scale could revolutionize transport and thus contribute to improving living conditions in large cities and beyond. Among the main features of electric cars, including trucks, is their enormous range, which in many cases reaches up to 800 km on a single charge. What’s more, the modern solutions that are used in electric cars allow the batteries to be recharged quickly, which also shows that moving around in electric cars is not cumbersome and problematic, as some might think. Certainly, many people would then prefer to choose a courier with such an option, especially if the price of delivery is not much higher than with the standard solution.