Christmas at our European Partners

19 December 2021


Dear Partners,

the beautiful and special time is getting closer and closer.
Each of us celebrates this holiday in a different way. There are different customs, traditions, beliefs, culture or religion.
However, there are two constant and unchangeable elements of these special days for all nationalities and cultures. These are the time with loved ones, family and friends and the eating of food, often prepared exclusively during this magical time.
For the past two years our lives have been brought to a head by a terrible illness. Covid has prevented us from cherishing our Christmas traditions and habits.
Several of our Partners have shared with us information about Christmas in their companies. Although, for the most part, it is not a celebration like “in the old days, without Covid”.

In Czech Republik ViT Logistics normally organizes a Christmas party, no special Christmas dishes. Because of the COVID situation in the Czech Republic, we don’t organize a general Christmas party this year, we only organize small Christmas sittings in each of ViT offices.

At ELVIS, an outing with a surprise and a meal together was planned for this year. Unfortunately, the event had to be cancelled because of Corona. Hopefully the celebration can be made up for in the new year.

Kommodus, Polen will have a Christmas meal in the office with the employees at the company headquarters in Warsaw, featuring typical Polish Christmas dishes. For example: red borscht, pierogi with cabbage and mushrooms. However, due to Covid, the employees will not share the Christmas wafer, which is a very long and beautiful tradition in Poland. The Christmas Eve wafer is a symbol of reconciliation and forgiveness, a sign of friendship and love.
The wafer tradition dates back to the beginning of Christianity, when the faithful brought their own bread to church, which they consecrated and took home to share with their loved ones.

JET from Belgium won’t have due to Corona Christmas party or dinner but all the employees (office workers, truck drivers,…) get a Christmas card and a bag with several presents.

In Italy ABC Business Network will have dinner in a nice restaurant. All team will participate and we will wish each other a merry Christmas and all the best for the new year. And just before the holidays the team will also eat together with the typical Christmas cake of Verona: the pandoro. All partners will celebrate as well in their companies.

TKA from Serbia has Christmas on 07th January, and they usually have celebration in a restaurant a few days before the New year, so that it can also celebrate the arrival of the new year. In the past the company would book a restaurant, where the team would all go together and have good food, good music, karaoke competition and really good time. This year’s celebration is not possible due to COVID19. Every year TKA makes gift packages for employees’ children, this year the company would do it also.

In Lithuania Paneco represents the company Göllner Spedition. Also this year, as every year, Christmas greetings to customers and partners are ready to go. And the office is decorated for a cozy afternoon with colleagues! 

By Blue Water Shipping in Denmark they normally do have a lot of celebrating at this time of year, but due to Covid-19 it is very low key. We didn’t have a large Christmas dinner all together. Only department wise.
Normally Blue Water has a Christmas party in December for all employees and family where Santa shows up with sweets and presents. They had to cancel that unfortunately.
But the canteen is still doing lots of great Christmas dishes fortunately, which brings a lot of joy to all.

Everyone of us is waiting and hope that things are back to normal soon.
All the best Christmas wishes for all of Paneco Family!!!